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Māori Research: Research centres

Research Centres

Research centres are organisations that produce research either from a wide field, such as general health research, or a specific field, such as Māori health research.  Research centres can be used to find any relevant research for your search simply by clicking the link and using the centres search function.

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Te Fale Pouāwhina

Te Fale Pouāwhina logo

Te Fale Pouāwhina (TFP) provide academic learning support for all Māori and Pacific students. Feel free to contact us for a kōrero/talanoa about your academic learning needs. You can find us at Kate Edger Information Commons Level 1 room 131.

MAI ki Tāmaki

MAI ki Tāmaki - Māori and Indigenous Network logo

MAI ki Tāmaki is a space for Māori and Indigenous Doctoral candidates located in Auckland who are looking to connect to a Kaupapa Māori professional network.